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Antony and Simon Robinson - Stainless Steel Forgings and Stainless Steel Sculpture.

Based in the UK and France, Antony and Simon Robinson are internationally recognised as the leading exponents in hand forging stainless steel. Stainless steel forgings are undertaken for a number of well-known clients. For example; the artists have hand forged the gates of the Great Hall in Winchester Castle, using their unique stainless steel forging technique.

Their Stainless Steel Sculpture is world-renowned; producing both ecclesiastical and domestic stainless steel sculptures, Simon and Antony have amassed a large amount of both private and public commissions. For examples of these works please look at our flash website.

For more information on either Stainless Steel Forgings or Stainless Steel Sculpture please use our contact form – Based in the UK and France.

Sculptural Stainless Steel

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